Piya Bavari

Piya Bavari is a pioneer of light classical fusion as far as hindustani classical music goes. Abhijit Pohankar, a classical keyboard player, is the composer of this 2002 album released by Times Music. Pt. Ajay Pohankar and Arati Ankalikar provide the male and female vocals respectively.

The album has a total of 11 tracks (only 10 if you go for the cassette instead of the cd). It begins with the title track – Piya Bavari – which is an excellent composition. Other good tracks include Tum San Naina, Bechain Hui (look out for great work by flautist Ashvin), Albeli Naar Pyari, Kaise Kate, and my personal favourite – Jiya Mane Nahi. Of the two taraanas (male and female), I prefer the Arati Ankalikar version to the one by Pt. Ajay Pohankar.

The only problem (a small one) with the album is that sometimes the music tends to overpower the vocals. I can’t put my finger on any particular song. But that is how I feel. That apart, this is a very good album if you like hindustani classical music or any kind of fusion.

Aristotle says : 7.45 / 10

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