Saagar – Fuzon

Fuzon is a Pakistani rock band with Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan providing the vocals. Saagar, released in 2003, is their first and only album (as of date). With 12 tracks, it has something for everybody (which is not so good, as I explain later). The songs are heavily influenced by classical music (hindustani or pakistani – whatever you want to call it) as well as folk music.

The title tracks Aakhon Ke Saagar as well as Saagar (Guitar Mix) are simply great and I count them among my favourites. Other good tracks include Tere Bina, Ae Chaand, Kahanian and Mora Saiyaan. The only problem with the album is there are a few tracks like Deewane and Naadanian which I didn’t like and seem to have been included to make up the numbers. Dropping those songs would have made a leaner and meaner album. Others might have a different opinion though.

A good album for rock and classical fusion enthusiasts, in spite of the odd dud.

Aristotle says : 6.67 / 10

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