Nuking the nuke deal

Saw the Yashwant Sinha interview on Devil’s Advocate. Karan Thapar brought out the BJP’s inconsistencies on the nuclear deal, the Karnataka fiasco and the Tehelka expose of the Gujarat riots. And YS was trying to explain the same, quite unsatisfactorily at that.

I am irritated at the Indian government’s handling of the entire issue. If the deal falls through, it will be the diplomatic disaster of the decade. When everybody including the Left and BJP knew what was going on (the deal has been in the making since 2005) and are more or less aware of the renegotiated agreement, the current position of both formations borders on the irrational. The Left’s position was expected because America, for it, represents everything wrong with the world – a capitalist country, and a successful one at that, which kicked socialist-communist-marxist-leninist USSR and its proletariat vs. bourgeois ideology in the b***s. But the BJP which calls itself a nationalist party is playing a deadly game of doublespeak. It was the BJP which set the ball rolling as far as close Indo-US relations are concerned, which in turn laid the foundation for the deal. And now it is involved in sour grapes politics.

Manmohan Singh has laid his reputation on the line for the deal. And if the present situation is anything to go by, he might turn out to be the sacrificial lamb. The Congress is notorious when it comes to the reputation of anybody beyond the Gandhi-Nehru family (they simply left Narasimha Rao out to hang).

Henry Kissinger is in town and is meeting the high and the mighty to try to explain the consequences of their actions. I do hope things turn out for the better.

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